A Star Less!

Arshia Souri was completely filtered in Iran and to be accessed only with vpn. Arshia Souri requires vpn in all servers of Islamic countries. The instagram.com/raminsourilaki/ account, which is my ID name, is my only unfiltered account. Also, just visit my Twitter account to access my latest posts

Arshia Souri , German-Iranian english singer Has been Filtered as fully in islamic countryes.

Author: Arshia Souri

Arahia is an singer songwriter and dirctor He has several famous songs and is a singer of 20 songs. He has been listened to more than 100,000 times in his in the cold weather and is very famous in Iran، Arshia Souri started singing at the age of 6 and now has two official albums Her latest album is 16, which he said earned her $ 100,000 .

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